Friday, 27 March 2009

We sat up at the house with the brickies last night and talked about all things house. We discussed how they didn't know how bigger job this was really going to be. These guy's have worked their butts off and john and i really appreciate it.The brickies told us that they will hopefully be finished by Wednesday which is great, Then the renders cam come on in and do what they do :-). We also found out that the chippies when they were fixing the trusses over the formal lounge weren't as careful as they should have been and broke the 2 front windows. So the window company have been out to take them back and fix them.

Well here are some pictures we took last night

Below: where the cast iron insert will be placed.

We now have a front door area :)

We also had a phone call from Narellan pools this morning as well to tell us the franchise that we were going with had gone bust. Lucky we didnt pay all of the deposit *** WIPES HER FORHEAD***

any how more updates later on today
The Browns


southies said...

Guys, you've chosen a simply gorgeous design! Love your bricks. Enjoying watching your progress

Robin said...

Everything is looking SOO GOOD! Sorry about the pool company, but at least they didn't run with the money!! I can't wait to see all the progress!


Robin :o)