Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Another load of bricks

Yep you read right we had another delivery of common bricks today. We were wondering why the brickies had not continued with the front of the house and well we know why now.

They did about of cleaning around the site and the scaffolding guys must have been back cause the scaffolding was up higher around the garage.

There are now double bricks inside the garage.

Poor brickies I really don't think they knew just how big this job this was going to be. John and I are very grateful for all their hard work they have done for us.

The plumbers we back today as well and put a heap more pipes in.

As well as our gas pipe in the rumpus that was missing.

Well im stuffed so im off to bed
have a wonderful night
The Browns

1 comment:

Toni said...

The bricks looks fantastic Tarin! You must be pleased with them even though it's taking awhile. There are alot of bricks to get up!! lol.

Looks great, house is really starting to take shape :-)