Saturday, 31 January 2009

Research Results on Red-Tongue Flooring...

Due to its resin-enriched surface ensuring weather durability, most particleboard floorings can stay completely exposed to the weather for up to three months.
The Tongue and groove panels have edges fitted with colour coded PVC tongues to ensure an easy and tight fit for adjoining panels.

Particleboard floorings are treated against fungus and termites. The FT or fungicide treated sheets are ideal for areas where intermittent dampness may occur and the TT or termiticide treated sheets have added protection against termite attacks. StructaFlor is graded particleboard sheet flooring, manufactured in Australia to comply with the requirements for Particleboard Flooring, Class 1, in Australian Standard, AS/NZS 1860.1:2002 , Flat Pressed Particleboard.
Designed to provide a total flooring concept, StructaFlor is particularly suited to platform construction where the floor is laid prior to the erection of walls. It is made from precision milled wood flakes and bonded with moisture resistant synthetic resin. For additional protection during construction and exposure to weather, the upper surface is resin enriched and all edges are wax sealed.

The three colours and sizes are as follows:

Drainage & Sewerage Piping Completed (and extra surface drainage completed today by me)...

Today the Plumbers finished their work of completing the sewerage and stormwater piping. This will be inspected at 9am on Monday by the Yass Valley Council Inspector. The Building Certifier will also inspect the work on Monday then issue the authority to backfill the trenches.

While the Plumbers were there I completed my work which involved adding 90mm stormwater pipe to control surface drainage, which will connect into the rainwater tank overflow pipe (to street). It was not a good day to be working, the weather got to 40 degrees at 3pm so we all called it quits and I went back to finish my work at 5.30pm.

I will post some photos tomorrow, but basically I had to run approx 20 metres of stormwater pipe to which I have added 7 inlets into it to control the surface water. There is also an inlet near the corner for the future colorbond double garage roof water (this will be built after handover). Thus, the entire length of the rear of the house (where the cut is) and the side of the house where the pool and alfresco will eventually be will now be covered by this stormwater piping.

A little planning can save a bundle of money and a lot of back-breaking work by doing this type of work at this stage. Most Builders and Tradies will have no issues with you doing your work providing you do your work when they are not there (or don't get in their way if they are on-site) AND do not touch the work they have had to do under contract to get paid. Another important point to make is not to cover their work with your work if there is an inspection scheduled otherwise the inspector will not be able to see their work, and they will have to come back for another visit which will be accompanied by a re-inspection fee (ouch!).

Probably the most important point of all is to arrange site access approval from your Site Manager. In my case I phoned and emailed my Site Manager (Mark) who met me on-site this morning so I could discuss what I wanted to do. Mark then explains the site safety rules and regulations and ensures I have the necessary items with me to do my work and do it safely. I can only access the site with my Site Manager (Mark) with me and because he is never too far away access is rarely an issue.

Mark and I also discussed the schedule. We are expecting the Carpenters (not the singers) on-site on Monday to start on the Ground Floor framing and 1st Floor flooring. Another truckload of timber frames will arrive on Monday and the roof trusses are scheduled to arrive on Wednesday. I think the windows will arrive on Monday.

That's it for now, will post some pictures tomorrow...

Friday, 30 January 2009

WOW !! The Frames Have Arrived Too

The frames, 'I' Beams and timber extras arrived today.

The Carpenters (not the band) are scheduled to arrive on Monday to make a start and Truck #2 should arrive on Tuesday with the second load of frames and roof trusses.

Pic 1: Timber extras for the job.
Pic 2: Well packaged 'I' Beams.
Pic 3: The 'Red-tongue' flooring. I have heard of 'Yellow-tongue' flooring and 'Blue-tongued' lizards, but not 'Red-tongued' flooring...I may have to do some research...
Pic 4: The delivery - an entire semi-trailer load...
Pic 5: The Ground Floor pack (and the final load off the truck) touches safe ground.
Pic 6: The semi-trailer that delivered our frames - it came all the way from Unanderra on the South Coast of New South Wales, approx. 250km away.
Pic 7: Another pack of walls is lifted off the truck.

The Plumbers are in...and almost finished...

Plenty of all day action in the soaring heat. The plumbers earned their money today.

They will be back to finish off tomorrow.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Progress Payment #1 Received...AND PAID...

Yesterday, we received the bill for Progress Payment #1 (Concrete Slab).

This payment was for $76,000. Payment was received AND paid in full yesterday.

The next payment ($95,000) is due on Friday (D'oh!) which is for the frames and windows.

Photos will be posted tomorrow if the drainage is done...

Building Schedule Updates...

Hi everyone,

I spoke with Mark, my Project Manager this morning and we have some updates to the building schedule.

Tomorrow, Thursday, 29th January 2009 - The Drainer will go in with his equipment and do all the external sewerage and drainage pipework.

Friday, 30th January 2009 - The frames and windows are scheduled to arrive. This was changed from last Tuesday as the Drainer hadn't done what he needed to do prior to the arrival of the frames and windows.

Wonder when the carpenters will start on the frame!

Friday, 23 January 2009

We now have a concrete slab - YIPPEE ;-)

GOOD NEWS ! We now have a slab. We didn't think it would happen today, there was a massive storm last night, heaps of rain. Then this morning I went for a drive to the site and sure enough, the concrete pump and crew were there and then a concrete truck went past. I immediately called Tarin and the kids to let them know and they were all really excited!

Now for some pics:

BELOW: Josh had a sit in the big Boral Cement Mixer.

The very bottom picture is of the water tank slab.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Other things happened at the site today too...

The steel beams arrived today as well.
The green pieces will be used for above the alfresco triple stacker doors and across the centre of the lounge room to support the second floor brickwork. The zincalume square tube will be used as the upright supports for the lounge room 'I Beam'.

Also, today saw the Termite Preparation 'A' occur whereby the entire slab area is sprayed by the pest control dude. This happens due to the fact that the site has been disturbed and if there happens to be any termite nests around they will be eradicated.

Slab Preparation is Complete...Slab to be Poured Tomorrow

Today was a day of action at the site. A full day of slab formation occurred including all the additional work around the Deep Edge Beam (See first and second pics below, this shows the area formed ready for the concrete. The bottom pic is of the triple garage slab preparation.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The Steel Mesh Has Landed...

The steel mesh has arrived, now the concretors have everything they need to prepare the slab for pouring later this week (probably Thursday or Friday).

On site we now have:
- Waffle Pods,
- Steel reinforcement bars,
- Steel mesh stirrups,
- AND of course the Steel Mesh.

So tomorrow, weather permitting (not looking good at present), is planned to be the slab preparation i.e setting up the waffle pods and the rest of the formwork, deep edge beam formation and setting up the steel mesh over the pods.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Waffle Pods, Steel Parts & Accessories have arrived...

Drainage Now Certified...

Yass Valley Council's building inspector arrived this morning (Monday @ 9.00am) to inspect and certify the drainage work that was completed last Saturday. The Council Certifier is below wearing the 'business attire' ;-)

Saturday, 17 January 2009

More Slab Preparation & Drainage Pictures

The Slab Prep is underway and the Drainage is in...We are ahead of schedule...


To my surprise, I received an email from a neighbour yesterday to say that the Concretors were on-site, at 6am! Yesterday, the crew achieved the following:
- Formwork completed,
- Deep Edge Beam dug out and formed up,
- Strip footings excavated,
- Areas for the 9 metre high pylons formed up,
- Pier holes (1.8 metres deep x 450mm wide) dug out,
- Principal Certifier called and arrived on-site around 2.30pm to give the OK to pour the pier concrete,
- Concrete trucks arrive and fill-in the strip footings (for the front staircase) and the piers.
NOW THAT IS A FULL DAYS WORTH OF WORK, then the crew drove back to Sydney!
TODAY (Saturday):
- Drainer arrived and dug out and placed all the drainage pipework in the slab area.

The guys will return Tue/Wed next week to do the pouring of the slab. We are ready for the slab pour - Amazing!

Tuesday, 20th January 2009 - Waffle Pods and the Steel Mesh is due to arrive from Sydney. I am told by the Concretor that our house has one semi trailer load of stuff for the slab!
Tuesday, 27th January we should see the frames, trusses and windows arrive on-site.
Now for some pictures: