Saturday, 21 March 2009

only the facade to go.

Went up to the house last night and the brickies have been like the speed of lighting putting those bricks up. They have done right down the formal dining and lounge area. Must say VERY IMPRESSIVE :). Cant wait till next week cause it means they can focus on the facade.

Here are the pictures.

And as for the problem with the plumbing... Well i went in whilst the plumber was there to hava look at the problem and that we will most likeley need at least another 2 bulk heads put around the place there will probably have to be one in the family dining, One in the rumpus and well they will need to do something in the kitchen..

The plumbing comming from the toilet/ bathoom to the family dining room

The plumbing from toilet and bathroom that that is connected to picture 1

and now my kitchen cupboards are not ment to go to the celing like this picture.

But i think we will have to have a bulk head put in on top of the cupboards before they go in.Due to this little problem.

Any way we will have to wait and have a chat to the SS on Monday.

have a great weekend
The Browns

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