Sunday, 1 March 2009

The Heated Towel Rails have arrived...

Yesterday, my parents brought out our Omega heated towel rails. I have been researching them and shopping for these for a while. I saw them for auction at Gray's Online Auctions and thought I would try my luck. I was the only bidder for both items (there were 10 of each for sale), they only sold a couple, good news for me...

They are fantastic and very stylish. We got them for the following costs:
  • 9 rail rack cost $99, whereas the normal price at Harvey Norman is $649.
  • 11 rail rack cost $139, normal price at Harvey Norman is $749.
  • So, that is a total cost of $324 (incl. delivery and buyer's premium), if I base it on Harvey Norman prices we have saved $1074 !!!
We purchased a 9 rail unit and an 11 rail rail unit. They are stainless steel and are curved. They are also available as a 5 rail unit, but for these prices...the bigger the better...

I tested one this morning and it really is hot, but not so hot that you cannot hold onto the rails.

Some pictures:

BELOW: The 9 rail towel rack:

BELOW: The 11 rail towel rack:

BELOW: The two together to demonstrate size difference:

BELOW: A close-up of the corner and the power supply:


Toni said...

Wow, great saving. Well done. I always 'shop around' and Grays have some great stuff.

hermyleen said...

thanks for the tip, will check this out before we buy anything now