Sunday, 11 October 2009

Whos up for a pool party :)

We have our beautiful pool in now (well sort of) Monday we are waiting for Narellan to come and finish off to balance and clean the pool.

here are some pictures :)

Levelling of the land

The laying of the pool pattern

Then the hole was dug

and the pool shell was delivered

And placed where it will spend the rest of its poolie life :-)

and then the water truck came and brought the water .

And the pool was filled

and whilst this was happening,
Waggs the site supervisor was watching on :)

So we have been and ordered the coping for around the pool it will be a greyish/purple colour and then we are stencil creteing the rest of the area around the pool with a a sand stone colour :)
We are looking forward to it being finished and having a BBQ and a swim :)

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Retaining Wall #1 and Spoilt Brat Kids Get 2 x TVs...

Hi Everyone,
Below are some latest pics of what's been happening at the Brown Mansion.

BELOW: 2 x new Panasonic TVs - one for xbox and one for Wii.

BELOW: Tom & Kevan hard at play.

BELOW: The new retaining wall.

BELOW: The corner brickwork - so neat!

BELOW: The new wall from the front.

That's it for now. The pool is expected to start this coming Wednesday, so keep an eye out for more action pics.

See ya...
The Browns.