Thursday, 19 March 2009

We have a full wall completed

And what a HUGE wall it is :-). It is massive
here are the pictures to prove it!

P.S. Even though they aren't the best. May be it was because i was so breath taken by the view. Sorry i will get better pics tomorrow.

Below for some reason they didn't finish the corbel above the bathroom.

Our SS called us to day to tell us that they have to add a bulk head in the family/dining room as the design doesn't allow the toilet to be connected. The toilet is above and in between the stacker doors and laundry door and there just isn't enough room. We are pretty easy going and told him to do what ever was needed as long as it looked good.

I have to admit that im so over the whole Brick stage now :-(. We so want it over and move on to the next stage.

Well im off to bed
Have a great night
The Browns

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