Monday, 7 January 2008

And Now Christmas Is Over.

We haven't written for a while as heaps of stuff has been happining. Christmas, New Year etc. We thought we had a buyer for the house just before Christmas but it seemed like Go Gecko just pulled that one out of a hat. Me and John are so pissed at that company that we have moved the house to Independant Real Estate and once again they have amazed us.

This weekend was the first open house for Independant and apprently we had 83 groups through the place 83 WOW we were getting excited over 9 or 10 with Go Gecko LOL and yes we have a buyer. Apprently she is over the moon with it and loves it. The feedback we got from the real estate agent was that that it was all positive and if this lot fall through its ok because we have others waiting on the list.

As for the new house, the drawings are going through now. John called Geoff our guy from Beechwood yesterday and asked him about it and he said they should be in by the 21st. we decided to go for a layout called the Ascot Sands and we have changed it. It will have 3 car garage as well as a cinema and an extra bedroom. The kitchen I have chosen is called a York style kitchen and its gonna look so groovie with the style of house :-D it also has 2 alfresco dining areas with sliding stacker doors out to them.

So if all goes well we should be out of the house in Canberra by the 2nd week of Feb and all the exciting stuff should start :-P