Sunday, 8 March 2009

Tomorrow should be a big day...

We are waiting on the brickies to come and move 3 pallets of bricks so the scaffolding dudes can come and put the rest of the pieces together around the conservatory.

I can't wait to see the rest of the house done :-). Hopefully only another 2 weeks of bricking.

This week, the brickies are bringing another crew with them so they can get through things quicker.

I spoke to the plumber on Friday and he said that another plumber by the name of Bruce will be on-site on Thursday this week to do the internal plumbing rough-in.

I was on Home 1 forum and asked if any one had any pics of our brick (PGH Spinifex Poa) as a finished house and hermyleen was nice enough to give me a link to a pic (see below)...Click on it for a full size pic (this is not a Masterton design).

So this is what we are expecting the brick to look like (above), except the colour of our rendering is Taubmans Chambray (below).

Anyway til' tomorrow...
Hugs The Browns

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