Sunday, 27 September 2009

We will be keeping cool in the pool this summer

Our beautiful Narellan pool will be starting to get installed on the 6th of october. Smack bang through the school holidays. The Kids are super excited.

It is called the Madeira and the colour we are using is Bermuda blue. Just like the one here in this picture.

We will have pics as soon as we get our reg net access back. as our 13 yo got a new i pod and used our monthly allowance in under 3 days. Oh the fun of having teenagers LOL

Oh and our wall man is here too doing the retaining walls for the front gardens :). I cant wait i have decided i would love to have a cherry blossom a few smelly roses and a hedge of lavender for the top garden. and for the bottom garden i will prob do a bed of natives :) and bush rock.

any ways more in a few days
Taz and John

Monday, 21 September 2009

Driveway Completion (now we can drive on it too)

Hi Everyone,

Below are the latest driveway pics. We are now able to have our caravan close by.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

The concrete is done! We have a drive way

Hi all
The concrete was finished today, and it looks fabulous. Of course I didn't get pics of the stencil off. The boys came back and removed the stencil in the arvo and covered it with plastic.

Taz and John

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Almost done.

One more peice of concrete to go and our drivway will be finished. Yippeee

Its looking Beautiful. and it will look even better once it dries and the top coat goes on

The council come the other day to tell us that the pool has to go in to neighbour consultation :( so that is another 21 day wait.

oh and here is a pic of my decorating :D

Taz and John

Monday, 14 September 2009

Driveway - More Photos of the Progress...

Firstly, it was a fabulous day. Here is a picture of today from our balcony:

BELOW: Today's slab with the border detail:

BELOW: The corner of today's slab:

BELOW: Today's slab is the parking bays (right):

Friday, 11 September 2009

More Driveway Photos - Looking Good...

Driveway work continued today. Good weather allowed the team to complete a large slab and a smaller area behind the garages.

BELOW: Today's work is the darker part:

BELOW: The parking bays to the right (to be done soon):

BELOW: The entry consists of 2 colours:

BELOW: Showing the start of the 'border paver':

BELOW: Could the A380 park here?:

BELOW: Today's work, stencil removed 1 hour ago:

BELOW: Today's slab in the foreground:

BELOW: Path at the side of the garages:

BELOW: Today's work is the dark bit (stencil still in):

That's it for now...
John & Tarin.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Driveway Progress Pics

Updated house front photo (with balustrades):

BELOW: The 'Bushrock' pattern:

BELOW: Colour is 'Gunmetal':

Friday, 4 September 2009

Driveway is underway.

Today our drive way is getting the first of many squares that is getting laid. The concrete guys reckon if we get nice weather they should have it done in a week. John almost choked when the guy told him the size of the area we are getting concreted... LOL its the size of our very first house hehehe

here are some pics

We cant wait till its done. We are soooooo sick of mud now being trampled in to the house.

more pics later on this arvo

Taz and John

Thursday, 3 September 2009

In Awe of our beautiful blinds...

Tonight the inside of our house became finished.

We had the rest of our panel glides installed and I have to say they look Beautiful. Yes Yes the eye candy follows :-D

The meals

The dining room

The family room

The hallway

And the front door

The kids games room

The formal lounge (quite empty at the moment)

A close up of our blinds

The Study

And of cause i got one shelf for my prize possessions :P See!

the stairwell

Top of stairs

The main Bedroom (Lights out)

Lights on :)

Miss Kalindas Bed

So it's all exciting. Tomorrow our first part of our driveway will be laid as long as there is no rain (finger crossed). Oh and the pool has gone to council. We should hear something in about 3 weeks :-)

Taz and John