Monday, 30 March 2009

3 days and its over

The bricking that is *** Jumping up and down*** yipppieeeeeeeessss
Finally its almost done :-). The brick cleaner is going be at the house by the end of the and the renders at the begining of next week.

I'm gonna miss the brickies. The have been in our life for almost 4 weeks now and they have worked bloody hard.

here are some pictures of todays work.

They really don't have that much more to go just Joshys room and the balcony :) .

Any will chat more tomrrow
The Browns

Friday, 27 March 2009

We sat up at the house with the brickies last night and talked about all things house. We discussed how they didn't know how bigger job this was really going to be. These guy's have worked their butts off and john and i really appreciate it.The brickies told us that they will hopefully be finished by Wednesday which is great, Then the renders cam come on in and do what they do :-). We also found out that the chippies when they were fixing the trusses over the formal lounge weren't as careful as they should have been and broke the 2 front windows. So the window company have been out to take them back and fix them.

Well here are some pictures we took last night

Below: where the cast iron insert will be placed.

We now have a front door area :)

We also had a phone call from Narellan pools this morning as well to tell us the franchise that we were going with had gone bust. Lucky we didnt pay all of the deposit *** WIPES HER FORHEAD***

any how more updates later on today
The Browns

Thursday, 26 March 2009

All Hail to the Facade

Went up this morning as we had a bit of rain off and on to day which is a bit of a pain but the brickies are up there working.
They had finished the the garage where the iorn work will be put. Here are some pictures. They arnt the best as the sun was neather to thr front or the back of me and it was making taking pics really hard .

I will get more pics this afternoon when i go to pic the ruggys up

The Browns

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Afternoon Update

Well i went for my Hourly drive by (as i do every day LOL) and low and behold My house has little workmen all over my house! its wonderful. the chippies are back and they have continued the trusses and other stuff i couldn't see. and of cause our brickies are there doing what they do best :). My roof looks whole how its beauitful Ahh things that get you excited when your building a house.
I wish i could get up there and st and watch it all comming togeather.

Have a good arvo

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Another load of bricks

Yep you read right we had another delivery of common bricks today. We were wondering why the brickies had not continued with the front of the house and well we know why now.

They did about of cleaning around the site and the scaffolding guys must have been back cause the scaffolding was up higher around the garage.

There are now double bricks inside the garage.

Poor brickies I really don't think they knew just how big this job this was going to be. John and I are very grateful for all their hard work they have done for us.

The plumbers we back today as well and put a heap more pipes in.

As well as our gas pipe in the rumpus that was missing.

Well im stuffed so im off to bed
have a wonderful night
The Browns

Monday, 23 March 2009

We have a Whole garage now (well sort of )

The brickies have been working hard to day. We now have a back wall to the garage it looks wonderful.
We are becoming very impatient and want to see the facade now :-( hopefully tomorrow they might do some more.

here are the pics from today

I just get so excited every time i see a new area all finished i love my bricks sooo much :-)

Have a wonderful night
The Browns

Its it monday all ready? where did the weekend go

Well its the start of a new week. The time is 9:49 am and i thought i would start the week off with a post about nothing really :-). John called me this morning to tell me that he had talked to Mark our SS about our Little problems with the pipes. He has no issues about the boxed areas in the Family room and in the rumpus which has put my mind to rest over this situation. As for the pipe in the kitchen Masterton have changed the design of the kitchen and they put like a box on top of the cupboards any way. I'm am very happy with this as i wasn't looking forward to cleaning oil and dirt off the top of them any how :-). Oh john also said that Mark told him that he has the render guy is ready and waiting for when the brickies finish with the front of the house :-O OH MY! i really wasn't expecting this till closer to the end of the build :-) its really exciting. it will just make the facade.

Well i will be back later today with more pics and a update.
Have a wonderful day
The Browns

Saturday, 21 March 2009

only the facade to go.

Went up to the house last night and the brickies have been like the speed of lighting putting those bricks up. They have done right down the formal dining and lounge area. Must say VERY IMPRESSIVE :). Cant wait till next week cause it means they can focus on the facade.

Here are the pictures.

And as for the problem with the plumbing... Well i went in whilst the plumber was there to hava look at the problem and that we will most likeley need at least another 2 bulk heads put around the place there will probably have to be one in the family dining, One in the rumpus and well they will need to do something in the kitchen..

The plumbing comming from the toilet/ bathoom to the family dining room

The plumbing from toilet and bathroom that that is connected to picture 1

and now my kitchen cupboards are not ment to go to the celing like this picture.

But i think we will have to have a bulk head put in on top of the cupboards before they go in.Due to this little problem.

Any way we will have to wait and have a chat to the SS on Monday.

have a great weekend
The Browns

Friday, 20 March 2009

Updated Pictures

As i promised last night i went down to the block this morninga nd got some better pictures.
Here they are

Well there you go folks :-) knew you were waiting for them :P.

I don't know how much the brickies will get done today as they normally leave on a Friday at lunch time. So we will just have to wait and see.

Till this afternoon
The Brickin Browns

Thursday, 19 March 2009

We have a full wall completed

And what a HUGE wall it is :-). It is massive
here are the pictures to prove it!

P.S. Even though they aren't the best. May be it was because i was so breath taken by the view. Sorry i will get better pics tomorrow.

Below for some reason they didn't finish the corbel above the bathroom.

Our SS called us to day to tell us that they have to add a bulk head in the family/dining room as the design doesn't allow the toilet to be connected. The toilet is above and in between the stacker doors and laundry door and there just isn't enough room. We are pretty easy going and told him to do what ever was needed as long as it looked good.

I have to admit that im so over the whole Brick stage now :-(. We so want it over and move on to the next stage.

Well im off to bed
Have a great night
The Browns

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Facade on the go

Yes as the title said our beautiful house almost has a face :). We went up to the block this afternoon and here are some pics.

The Garage

The front of the formal lounge room.

Below: Have a glance at the perfect 2 brick corbel up the top there :-)

Below : The wall between the garage and study

Below: right pylon for the balcony

Left pylon

The front door area

Last but not least a picture of the front of the house. Not that you can see much with the scaffolding in front.

The scaffolding dudes were due to come back to up the level to day but it dosent look like they came. May be tomorrow.

Have a wonderful night
Love the Browns

Brickies, plumbers and scaffolding guys

As we turned up to the house last night, we were talking to the brickies and they told us that the guys were coming back to day to up the level of the scaffolding so they could finish the back of the house. I really didn't understand how much had to go in to this house all the corbels and double bricking. when the guys first started they thought they were going to get it over with with in 3 weeks. But really i don't think it will as the 3 weeks is over next Wednesday 25/3/09 and they haven't even attempted the front facade really yet.

Here are some pictures

The Plumbers have been in as well and its looking wonderful. These plumbers have done a much better job than what next door got. every thing is tight and neat. We are over the moon with it.

The kitchen

Oh My! look at all the pipes :)

I still cant believe it is our house, I don't think we have felt about any of the other houses as we do with this one. We love to just stand and look at it from the front.

well that's it folks... i will post more later.
Have a great day
The browns