Monday, 25 May 2009

Monday's Update...ACTION, ACTION, ACTION

There was a fair amount of action at the house today. The roof tilers returned and the chippies turned up and to start work on the Conservatory.

Tomorrow, the brickies will arrive (we hope) to start the front staircase and fix some brickwork. The concretors are scheduled to arrive on Thu/Fri to form-up and pour the Ground Floor balcony slab and the outside staircase. The Insulation company is booked in for Friday and the Gyprocking should happen from Monday.

Photo 1: Fibrous Cement (FC) sheeting added over the top of the flashing. This FC sheeting will be painted the same colour as the rendering (this is above the Portico).
Photo 2: FC sheeting on the garage.
Photo 3: The ceilings of the Ground Floor and the Level 1 balconies have been completed.
Photo 4: The work on the Conservatory has commenced.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Eye Candy :-)

Taking this picture made my heart proud.

The pipe for the Vacpan

The wiring for the intercom

A few things have happened the last 24 hours

Yep it sure is good. The guttering and fascia guys have been back and now it is all complete yipeeee. When I drove by this morning the roof guys were back to continue with the roof tiling.


Thursday, 21 May 2009

Bits that is going on around the Brown mansion

Today I had a chat to mark. This is the plan for the next week,

This week:

Roof tilers back to finish the tiles
Gutter and fascia guys back (end of this week early next week )
Mark is picking up new window for lounge room

Next week:

Brickies are back hopefully to finish
Window will go in
chippies to do conservatry
front porch, stairs and concrete slab for air con
end of week possibly insulation and dry wall.

We are getting there slowly
Tarin and John

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Now we have been wired for sound. :)

Yesterday Sentinel alarms came and wired us for sound, Vision and Vac it looks like a maze of wires throughout the place now. Also Harvey Norman was there too putting in our heating and cooling. they still haven't finished and they will be back on Wednesday.

Here are some pictures

We will update more pics this afternoon.

Ciao for now
Taz and John

Sunday, 17 May 2009

The Plan for this week (I hope so, anyway)...

Hi everyone,
The plan for this week is:
Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday:
  • Sentinal Alarms to arrive and install security system, intercom system, home music distribution system, surround sound wiring, and ducted vacuum pipework.
  • Sparkie to return and finish Level 1 electrical and external light points.
  • Harvey Norman Air Conditioning - install the ActronAir ductwork and the condensing unit.
  • Deliver bricks required for the external staircase (7 stairs).
  • Deliver roof tiles to complete the tiling (and re-lay the area that was laid poorly).
  • Install Wall & Ceiling Insulation.
  • Deliver the Gyprock and get ready to sheet the joint the following week (hopefully).

That's it for now, hope all goes according to plan - fingers crossed PLEASE ;-)

BELOW: is an interesting BEFORE and AFTER (work in progress):

Friday, 15 May 2009

We have been wired (but not for sound - yet)

The Sparkies were hanging out at the Brown Mansion today. They have done an awesome job but unfortunately as there are so many lights and wiring needed that they ran out of time and/or wire as there are a few things missing that they need to complete. They are scheduled to return on Monday. Monday we are also expecting the other workers to arrive, one from Sentinal Alarms who will install the alarm system, closed circuit surveillance systesm, ducted vacuuming, home music hub, intercom, speakers, TV points, internet cabling and phone points, and second, Harvey Norman Air Con to come in and install the air conditioning system.
We know our SS is trying to do everything possible to keep the progress of the house at a steady pace.

C ya...

Friday, 8 May 2009

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The Render Coating and Colour has commenced...

This is the view from our balcony...

Now onto house stuff...