Tuesday, 29 July 2008


Good news...

Got a call today from Wendy from Masterton Homes to tell me that our plans have been sent off to Yass Valley Council - we are soooo excited!

Around 3 pm I took another call from Bob from Masterton in Goulburn telling me the same.

Masterton are soooo on-the-ball! It is amazing how quickly they move stuff through.

I suppose the next step is to make the trip to Sydney to make some selections, this should be fun.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

The Updated Plans Have Arrived...

We have received updated site plans and floor plans from Wendy (our Customer Service Manager).

The Drafting dudes have made a couple of changes and some updates to some of the site information, such as the land contours and the 'Cut and Fill' (where the site will be cut in and where the fill will be on the site) information.

All going well we should be in Council this week.

Also, the Commonwealth Bank got in touch with Wendy at the end of last week to get details of the house and the land to check whether they are happy to give us some $$$. We don't need all that much but we would like to borrow enough money for the landscaping, driveways, paths, etc.

That's it for now...

Friday, 18 July 2008

Two Things Arrived Today...

Tender C has arrived - total price has increased around $6000, which is not too bad, very good in fact! We are happy with the final price.

We got a personal letter from Jim Masterton today wishing us all the best with our new home and thanking us for the letter we sent to him.

Masterton Homes never fails to amaze us...

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Masterton Head Office Called With An Update...

Hi All...

Wendy (our Customer Relations Manager) called me today and gave the following update:
  • Revised Tender is now complete and will be emailed to Bob & Renaye (our new-found friends at Masterton in Goulburn) - hopefully we will get this emailed out tomorrow and we can see the updated price (nervous :-\ )
  • The Plans are in the Drafting area now and will be for 3 days or so. This is where the team do the full working drawings, the overshadowing diagrams (required for 2-storey homes), plus other stuff that I cannot remember.
  • Then the BASIX (Building Sustainability Index), which is energy rating stuff, followed by the ABSA (Association of Building Sustainability Assessors) assessment. These dudes ensure we are building an energy efficient home.
  • Then the Council Planning Team swings into action whereby they get the entire package ready for Yass Valley Council. Once this is done we will be in Council awaiting approval - which takes approx. 6-8 weeks.

That's it for now...will keep you posted...

John & Tarin

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Masterton Is Onto It - They Have Swung Into Action...

Today, I received a call from Wendy (Masterton Head Office). Wendy is now working with us and keeping us updated. I haven't met Wendy, but she sounds cool.

Wendy was ringing to give me an update on the plans and where we were up to.

They have received our plans from Goulburn, they are making some minor changes to the tender (at our request) and then in few weeks or so we should be off to council...

Can't wait until this happens, getting closer by the day.

We have logged onto Pathway as well (the Masteron package for customers to track the entire process of building a home) - it is an amazing tool, I have never seen anything like it. You can veiw it at http://www.mastertonhomes.com.au/ (take the Pathway demo link).

Take care all...
John n Taz