Saturday, 28 February 2009

We have given Narellan pools the go-ahead.

After much deliberation we have given Narellan pools the OK to start planning our pool. :-) So we are all VERY excited.

We have gone with Maderia in Bermuda blue :)
exactly like the picture below.

We called Marc today and he said that he will put the order in to day and get the ball rolling.
here is their site Narellan pools.

Any how thought we would share this news :-)
The Browns

Friday, 27 February 2009

Oh My! The walls are taller than me :-)

I went to the house this afternoon and the brickies had left for the weekend. So I thought I would get some happy snaps of the work they had done today. These pictures are making me more and more excited every time I look at them :-)

BELOW: Here you can see they have been fixing up supports for when they do the Ground Floor Balcony.

BELOW: Looks like the brickies are going to get a fair chunk of the work done, they have organized stuff for next week...

So, hopefully next week we will see a fair chunk of the bricks being done...

:-) ,and maybe the plumbing as well.

Have a good weekend
The Browns

I love my bricks :-)

Last night the family and I went up to have a look at the brickies handy work. And we have to admit they have done a spectacular job. The workmanship on the walls are A1 and they are pretty cool guys as well.

So here are some pictures~

This is the inside of the garage and corner of the study.

John checking out and telling me about the brick work.

The wall on the family room .

The brick work around the sliding doors in the family room.

And these are pictures of our front area where the stairs will be.

So there it is. Our frame is now becoming a house its all very exciting :D.

While we were up at the house last night the sun was going down. AndIt was very pretty, I couldn't resist trying my hand at a bit of sunset picture taking :P

Here are a few that i took

Well that's all for this morning. Huggles The Browns

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Bricklaying Photos - Looking Good...

BELOW: This pic shows the garage walls - foreground is the 'commons', background wall is the other side of Garage 3.

BELOW: This pic is of the back of the garage where the drive-thru roller door will be.

BELOW: This pic is of the garage wall (right side) in the face brick called PGH Poa, from the Spinifex Range.

BELOW: This is the garage wall, built out of 'commons' as it will be rendered:

The Bricklayers have started - YAY !

Well Well Well...

Don't fall over! Our Brickies have arrived and we have a quarter of a garage wall :-)

It is absolutely wonderful to see a big amount of our bricks all together with the raked mortar.

When John gets home we will go up and take some pics for the blog :-)

Another day another dollar.

Well fingers cross that today is the day. Hopefully the Brickies and Plumbers will be working like busy little bees at our place to day. it will be really great to see some action again.

We will have a update later today

See Ya
John and Tarin

Monday, 23 February 2009

And then there was a thunderstorm...

And WOW, what a show it was here in Yass. It had to happen at the time the kids came out of school. I was up at the block and am sorry that I didn't have the camera with me as the whole sky was lightning strikes and rain, it was very pretty.

The good news is the rain has stopped now.

The Browns

Saturday, 21 February 2009

A week and a bit and no action!

John and I are sitting here feeling a bit down, the only thing that has happened at the house in just a little under 2 weeks is the bricks arriving...

We Spoke to our PM on Thursday and he said Monday something should be happening. It will be either the plumber or the we just have to wait and see! It's tradesman roulette :-)

Also, you know you're in the country when you take your kids to Gymnastics and there sunning itself on the road is an Eastern Brown snake! (we wish now we had taken pics!). It was the first time John and I have seen a live snake in the wild, and how it moved so graciously (thankfully away from us).

Later all ... Taz and John :)

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Our bricks were lost! (well not really) but now they are here

We are so excited now that we can finally see them. Hopefully the brickies wont be too long starting :)

In this pic below, There are face bricks ( in the back and closest are common bricks for the part they are going to render.

Well thats it for now might have some more updates later on...

The Browns

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Well still no action

Today i got very excited as i drove by the block, as there was a brick truck in the street. So i hurried to drop the kids off and back to the block.. But nope they were not for us but for 2 doors down. And something has happened to the plumbers ( i think they were taken by aliens) as well as they will not be there until the end of the week. We did notice that the new trusses have come as well as the steel for the brickies to install.

I think we are just becoming inpatient now LOL as we are so close yet so far away. I was talking to a friend in the street and she told me that we have a heap of people driving in the street. And most of the time they stop infront of our place to have a look at it :D.I said to her it must of got around town that the Browns Mansion is being bulit LOL. I have to admit even at frame stage its huge. i never belived that we would ever own a huge house like this. now i need to talk john in to hiring a maid :) and a cleaner oh and a gardener as well :D

Bye for now... Tarin

Friday, 13 February 2009

Fall Protection System Installed...

For safety reasons, the temporary fall protection system has been installed in the stairwell and opening and some temporary stairs are in too.
No other action today, the bricks were supposed to arrive today, by they haven't :-(
As it is now, the plumber is scheduled to commence on Monday or Tuesday to complete the plumbing "rough-in".

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Some goodies have bricks yet...

Today there was a delivery of stuff for the bricklayers (they are scheduled to start next Monday or Tuesday):

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

But wait, there's more!

I took our friend Leanne up to see our house today. Geez I get excited every time I go up to see the house :-)

The chippies had started the balcony roof whilst we were there, here are more pictures as of lunch time.

Oh and another very exciting development !!!

We have sand :- ) for the brickies

Chippies reckon they will be finished today!

Well i have to say I'm quite enjoying the cooler weather of the last few days. But have sad feelings for the people in Victoria N.S.W. Its a very sad situation and i hope they catch the people who started the fires. our thoughts go out to all the family's.
This morning the chippies were hard at work again. I spoke with the boss chippie and he said that they plan on being finished to day.
Yesterday they realised that they were given the wrong trusses for the front of the house.. and had to get them to send some more down which were going to arrive at 10:30 am.
When i was up there after dropping the kids off they hadn't arrived by then.

Here are a few pics from this mornings visit,

The back of the house

and the garage :)

we will have more pics this afternoon as the chippie's said that they want to be out of there this afternoon.

have a good day :-)

Monday, 9 February 2009

And then there were windows :-)

Hi all, I went up to the block about 11am this morning and the guys were hard at work again. Least its a bit cooler for them today.

Our windows on the top level are in. I am amazed at every little thing that happens such a lot of stuff goes in to building a new home.

...and then I walked to the front of the house.. and OH MY we have a balcony :-) well sort of :-P

That's all for now. Will have more eye candy this afternoon...

Sunday, 8 February 2009

All is quiet at the block, I mean House :-P

This weekend has been quiet at the house.

No work has happened but, that is OK. After all the hard work that the chippies put in last week they deserve a weekend off and it's been so hot here in Yass.

Hopefully work will restart tomorrow and we might see the roof trusses up and the windows in.

We are unsure when the bricks will arrive, which we are both very anxious to see :-). We have chosen a PGH brick called Poa. Here is a pic of our brick:

and our roof tiles are:

Monier Traditional in Barramundi

These are the next few things we will see "oh my" now the fun really starts :-)
John and I have become quite nervous regarding colours, i'm sure we have done the right thing.

We are going to have a visit from Narellan Pools on Wednesday, 11th February. We have decided on 2 styles of pools.

John would love to have the:


But I would much prefer a clean lined pool like the:


 well to finish it off we are looking at a water feature like this:

We will have to wait and see how much it will cost. We have around a $20,000 limit for the pool and think it would be cheaper doing now before the fences and other obstructions get in the way...but that will depend on $$ of course.

Well, hopefully we will have some more exciting news tomorrow to do with work progress to share with you all. I have to admit, I have started looking at different things I would love to accessorise the house with. I cant wait to go shopping :-P
Hellooooo SHOW ME THE MONEY :-)

Bye all...

Friday, 6 February 2009

Well its moving really fast now

Here is today's progress pictures of being the house being framed-up. We can't believe how tall it is :-) it's huge!

A pic taken from the rear of the house:

This is the front of the house.

This is of the side ( rumpus)

and we now have windows waiting to go in as well.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

More pics as at 6pm today

Here are some pics of the days work, these guys are good! Level 2 (house level) appears complete.
They have started on Level 3 !! The crane will stay on-site overnight so I reckon they will almost be done tomorrow afternoon.