Monday, 23 March 2009

Its it monday all ready? where did the weekend go

Well its the start of a new week. The time is 9:49 am and i thought i would start the week off with a post about nothing really :-). John called me this morning to tell me that he had talked to Mark our SS about our Little problems with the pipes. He has no issues about the boxed areas in the Family room and in the rumpus which has put my mind to rest over this situation. As for the pipe in the kitchen Masterton have changed the design of the kitchen and they put like a box on top of the cupboards any way. I'm am very happy with this as i wasn't looking forward to cleaning oil and dirt off the top of them any how :-). Oh john also said that Mark told him that he has the render guy is ready and waiting for when the brickies finish with the front of the house :-O OH MY! i really wasn't expecting this till closer to the end of the build :-) its really exciting. it will just make the facade.

Well i will be back later today with more pics and a update.
Have a wonderful day
The Browns

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