Thursday, 27 August 2009

Finally we have some eye candy for you all...

The meals / conservatory
(we had the rest of our blinds installed to day so i will get up to date pics tomorrow when i have cleaned up)

Da Kitchen

The rumpus

The Dining

John and Kevs Obsession Model planes
( their light up glass cupboard for their planes )

The Study

We will have more pictures now our blinds are in tomorrow.

John and Tarin

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


We met up with Mr L today and he bought our keys and our pack of goodies. And then we off... Moving stuff up to the garage.

It is CHOCKERS with boxes and stuff. We will have a few late night building our funky stuff from Ikea D

Of cause we cant move in at the moment due to the fact that we are waiting on the railings for the front of the house we are still unsure of when this is going happen.

We are in heaven right now :D. We are just itching to get in there and start to live our life normally. Two years we have been uprooted.

I plan on cleaning the place tomorrow and then i plan on taking a HEAP of pics :D

Taz and John

Our toys have arrived and Handover today! Hopefully :)

Today hopefully is the day we have been waiting for for sooooooooo long. The bank paid the final payment yesterday. So unofficially the house is ours. We should see Mr L today whom should bring our keys and gear for the house. (fingers crossed)

The council came last Friday and told us that we were not to move in until the front entry stairs have a hand railing. So John has been on the phone to Mr L regarding this and hopefully it will be done by the end of the week.

There are still a few final things for Masterton to fix up and then we should be good to go.

Our electrical goodies were installed yesterday as well. unfortunately, I had to work but John had the time of his life playing with the ducted Vac, the Music Hub and alarm.

I will take a HEAP of pics today its so nice now that its had teh builders clean :)

Taz and John

Sunday, 9 August 2009

The waiting is KILLING us

Well the bank came on Thursday and gave us the ok for the loan to go through. So now we are just waiting for the money to be paid :) its so exciting. Masterton still have a bit to do. The council guy came on Friday and wouldn't issue a interim cert... This is because of those 7 steps at the front we knew that that was going to let us down! so John has got on to Mr L about this situation. I mean really its not our fault that the land was cut like that which caused the 7 steps. So its up to Masterton to deal with it... and before Friday.

Monday- We have Sentinal alarms coming to install all the electrical goodies such as the vac, our music hub, alarm, ect, Tiler, and Painter.

Tuesday- The brickies back to brick up the steps out the laundry door. Hopefully the bank has paid Masterton

Wednesday- Sparkies for the fans, HOPEFULLY starting to move some stuff in :)

Thursday - Concrete (for pad and stairs ) for laundry, Austar being installed

Friday - Carpet

Weekend- spend our first night in the house YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Any way more as it pops up on the agenda its just all the fiddlie bits that need to be finished we were at the peek and now comming down the mountian.

Later gator
Taz and John

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Banks been

Yep the bank has been for the final inspection. I am stuffed tonight its been one hell of a HUGE day. We received our Oven, dishwasher, range hood and cook top.a

Our water tanks came and were installed but we had to turn the water off because we have a leak in the laundry out of our washing machine tap Grrr. We were quite excited to have flushing loos even if it was for a few hours :)

Another busy day planned for tomorrow. The cleaner will be in to start cleaning, the sparkies are coming back to put our fans in, scaffolding will come down, Site clean, and a few other things.

We are overwhelmed that the place has come from walls to being ready.

we are all most at the end of the road. If all goes well we should have our keys by Wednesday

We will have pics tomrrow if our net connection will allow it :)

Good night :D

Taz & John

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Will be be in by next weekend?

That is the question... I doubt it very much there are still so many unfinished jobs around the house. For example we still have gyprock that needs to be sanded and repaired, the front stairs need the railing, gas,electricity, water needs to be connected, the slab for out side the laundry needs to be formed and laid, Site works need to be done, Sentel alarms need to come in and they have a couple of days worth of work to install the duct vac, alarm, speakers through out house,

The thing is we have given our landlord notice and he has been very kind to allow us to extend the time we have over stayed. But this Friday the 7th is the last chance as he has people waiting to move in and im sure they are getting very peed off at us swapping and changing our dates. We are hoping that things move pretty quickley this week

We are all just ITCHING now to get into our own home. We have been on this journey for 2 years and am pretty sick of living in a 2 beddie house with ikea boxes around us. We are just so over the whole situation now.

We have to say that we are pretty impressed at the way Mr L has been conducting every thing and if we didn't have the rain the last week we would have probably been almost done.

Of cause once Mr L allows us to have the house we now have to wait for the idiot bank cause they want up to 5 working days to inspect it. Pretty stupid cause the most we are borrowing is less than what the land value is LOL.

So the race is on. John was told by the tradies that they have been told that the place need to be finished by Friday but there is still so much more to go.

Taz and John

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Electrical (almost done), Wet Area Tiling...

Yesterday, the tiler returned to complete the grouting and finish the tiling in the ensuite (around the hob, see below). Also, the sparkies came to get the box ready for Country Energy to come and install the meter then connect to the mains (at the street).

BELOW: Main Toilet:

BELOW: Main Bathroom (grouting complete):

BELOW: Ensuite (with hob complete):

BELOW: Electricity Box:

BELOW: Electricity Box (awaiting meter):