Thursday, 5 March 2009

Scaffolding almost up...

I went to the house today and the scaffolding guys were there putting it all up.
Now our house looks all messy :-( ...but as John says, it will be like ripping a present open when the scaffolding comes down, a.k.a The Reveal.

The brick supplier put pallets of bricks too close to the house so this means the brickies will be back tomorrow to move the bricks around the house (up on the scaffolding), then the scaffolding people can come back and finish putting the scaffolding up on the back section of the house near the Conservatory.

Here are a few pictures ...

It's sad isn't it? :-( The house will be like this for around the next 4 -5 weeks I reckon.

Anyhow hopefully a big week of activity next week :-).

Some late breaking news, we paid our deposit for the pool to day :-) . John was told that it was being made as he spoke to the pool guy... Yippeee lots of swimming next summer :-D

Tarin and John

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Richard said...

You're really rocking that brick!