Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Facade on the go

Yes as the title said our beautiful house almost has a face :). We went up to the block this afternoon and here are some pics.

The Garage

The front of the formal lounge room.

Below: Have a glance at the perfect 2 brick corbel up the top there :-)

Below : The wall between the garage and study

Below: right pylon for the balcony

Left pylon

The front door area

Last but not least a picture of the front of the house. Not that you can see much with the scaffolding in front.

The scaffolding dudes were due to come back to up the level to day but it dosent look like they came. May be tomorrow.

Have a wonderful night
Love the Browns


-Sha said...

Looking awesome guys... dont really know what a corbel is lol.. but it looks good hahaha

The Browns said...

lol the corbel is the bricks sticking out at the top.