Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Well still no action

Today i got very excited as i drove by the block, as there was a brick truck in the street. So i hurried to drop the kids off and back to the block.. But nope they were not for us but for 2 doors down. And something has happened to the plumbers ( i think they were taken by aliens) as well as they will not be there until the end of the week. We did notice that the new trusses have come as well as the steel for the brickies to install.

I think we are just becoming inpatient now LOL as we are so close yet so far away. I was talking to a friend in the street and she told me that we have a heap of people driving in the street. And most of the time they stop infront of our place to have a look at it :D.I said to her it must of got around town that the Browns Mansion is being bulit LOL. I have to admit even at frame stage its huge. i never belived that we would ever own a huge house like this. now i need to talk john in to hiring a maid :) and a cleaner oh and a gardener as well :D

Bye for now... Tarin

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