Saturday, 21 February 2009

A week and a bit and no action!

John and I are sitting here feeling a bit down, the only thing that has happened at the house in just a little under 2 weeks is the bricks arriving...

We Spoke to our PM on Thursday and he said Monday something should be happening. It will be either the plumber or the we just have to wait and see! It's tradesman roulette :-)

Also, you know you're in the country when you take your kids to Gymnastics and there sunning itself on the road is an Eastern Brown snake! (we wish now we had taken pics!). It was the first time John and I have seen a live snake in the wild, and how it moved so graciously (thankfully away from us).

Later all ... Taz and John :)

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bigred said...

Ahh you know you're living in a nice peaceful area when there are snakes. As you may have seen on my blog, building a house out in a suburb called "Pakenham", SE of Melbourne. I'd like to think of it as a semi-rural area, and there are some snakes out that way as well. I absolutely love snakes, but my lack of knowledge on them could prove a bit of a problem if I were to encounter one at "wrong place, wrong time" situation!

I was also just looking at the plans of your house on an earlier blog entry, that's a great layout.

Hope everything is going smoothly with the build process!