Sunday, 8 February 2009

All is quiet at the block, I mean House :-P

This weekend has been quiet at the house.

No work has happened but, that is OK. After all the hard work that the chippies put in last week they deserve a weekend off and it's been so hot here in Yass.

Hopefully work will restart tomorrow and we might see the roof trusses up and the windows in.

We are unsure when the bricks will arrive, which we are both very anxious to see :-). We have chosen a PGH brick called Poa. Here is a pic of our brick:

and our roof tiles are:

Monier Traditional in Barramundi

These are the next few things we will see "oh my" now the fun really starts :-)
John and I have become quite nervous regarding colours, i'm sure we have done the right thing.

We are going to have a visit from Narellan Pools on Wednesday, 11th February. We have decided on 2 styles of pools.

John would love to have the:


But I would much prefer a clean lined pool like the:


 well to finish it off we are looking at a water feature like this:

We will have to wait and see how much it will cost. We have around a $20,000 limit for the pool and think it would be cheaper doing now before the fences and other obstructions get in the way...but that will depend on $$ of course.

Well, hopefully we will have some more exciting news tomorrow to do with work progress to share with you all. I have to admit, I have started looking at different things I would love to accessorise the house with. I cant wait to go shopping :-P
Hellooooo SHOW ME THE MONEY :-)

Bye all...

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