Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Chippies reckon they will be finished today!

Well i have to say I'm quite enjoying the cooler weather of the last few days. But have sad feelings for the people in Victoria N.S.W. Its a very sad situation and i hope they catch the people who started the fires. our thoughts go out to all the family's.
This morning the chippies were hard at work again. I spoke with the boss chippie and he said that they plan on being finished to day.
Yesterday they realised that they were given the wrong trusses for the front of the house.. and had to get them to send some more down which were going to arrive at 10:30 am.
When i was up there after dropping the kids off they hadn't arrived by then.

Here are a few pics from this mornings visit,

The back of the house

and the garage :)

we will have more pics this afternoon as the chippie's said that they want to be out of there this afternoon.

have a good day :-)

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