Wednesday, 4 February 2009

We have lost our chippies - send out the SES ;-)

John and I have checked under all of our frames and roof trusses that have been delivered, and it would appear that we have misplaced the guys that are putting it all together! They have not turned up, they were due on Monday, then Tuesday, then today.

John spoke to Mark today and we are assured the chippies will be there tomorrow (with bells on?). Unfortunately, the crane is the thing holding us up.

Anyhow, the plumber came back yesterday and he has backfilled all the earth that he took out of the trenches that he put the sewerage and stormwater in to.

And while we were there taking pictures of the excavator the rest of the frames and roof trusses were delivered. We were VERY excited and ahhh the smell of fresh timber.

So now our block is looking like a construction site :-)

We really hope that that our frames do start tomorrow...

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-Sha said...

Congratulations on the slab guys!! It looks fantastic.. I think someone was having fun doing donuts on it though :/