Friday, 30 January 2009

WOW !! The Frames Have Arrived Too

The frames, 'I' Beams and timber extras arrived today.

The Carpenters (not the band) are scheduled to arrive on Monday to make a start and Truck #2 should arrive on Tuesday with the second load of frames and roof trusses.

Pic 1: Timber extras for the job.
Pic 2: Well packaged 'I' Beams.
Pic 3: The 'Red-tongue' flooring. I have heard of 'Yellow-tongue' flooring and 'Blue-tongued' lizards, but not 'Red-tongued' flooring...I may have to do some research...
Pic 4: The delivery - an entire semi-trailer load...
Pic 5: The Ground Floor pack (and the final load off the truck) touches safe ground.
Pic 6: The semi-trailer that delivered our frames - it came all the way from Unanderra on the South Coast of New South Wales, approx. 250km away.
Pic 7: Another pack of walls is lifted off the truck.

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