Monday, 12 January 2009

Action Expected on Tuesday, 13th January 2009

This morning I met with my Project Manager, Mark.

We had a look around the site and the cut that is already there and we discussed it being cut back a little bit more so we have some walk-thru space behind the conservatory. Mark will also have the cut "stepped" so we don't have to go to the additional cost of engineered retaining walls (Mark thinks of everything for us :-).

So, tomorrow the excavator dude is back at around 8.30am. Mark will stay with him to do the site works and get it all done so by the end of the week we can have the slab poured - BEWDY! Hopefully no delays and the weather holds out...looks like it will.

Also, as we will have lots of fill leftover I have asked if the excavator dude can push the leftover fill forward of the fill area to an approx. height of 1metre so we can have a level 'upper-level' front lawn. Hopefully be will do this for me for a bit of a cashy :-)

Updates and photos tomorrow (I hope)...

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Sha said...

Yayyy How exciting for you.. cant wait to see the slab!!
The race is on! hahahaha