Saturday, 17 January 2009

The Slab Prep is underway and the Drainage is in...We are ahead of schedule...


To my surprise, I received an email from a neighbour yesterday to say that the Concretors were on-site, at 6am! Yesterday, the crew achieved the following:
- Formwork completed,
- Deep Edge Beam dug out and formed up,
- Strip footings excavated,
- Areas for the 9 metre high pylons formed up,
- Pier holes (1.8 metres deep x 450mm wide) dug out,
- Principal Certifier called and arrived on-site around 2.30pm to give the OK to pour the pier concrete,
- Concrete trucks arrive and fill-in the strip footings (for the front staircase) and the piers.
NOW THAT IS A FULL DAYS WORTH OF WORK, then the crew drove back to Sydney!
TODAY (Saturday):
- Drainer arrived and dug out and placed all the drainage pipework in the slab area.

The guys will return Tue/Wed next week to do the pouring of the slab. We are ready for the slab pour - Amazing!

Tuesday, 20th January 2009 - Waffle Pods and the Steel Mesh is due to arrive from Sydney. I am told by the Concretor that our house has one semi trailer load of stuff for the slab!
Tuesday, 27th January we should see the frames, trusses and windows arrive on-site.
Now for some pictures:

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