Saturday, 3 January 2009

We are in the House-sit, and NOT HAPPY ! ! !

Happy New Year, everyone. Not a good start for the Browns of Yass...

Finally we have completed the move, 22 trailer-loads later...the old rental is now clean and spic 'n' span, more than I can say for the house-sit. It was an absolute filthy mess. I wish we hadn't of 'helped' out a friend in need (didn't want the house left empty, "empty" Haha far from it...) who promised the house would be emptied and cleaned. Far from it, actually. Tarin and I have had to clean the old rental and have had to come to the house-sit and give it a thorough 'Grade A' clean prior to us moving our stuff in. The state of this house is truly unbelievable - I do not understand how anyone can live like this, let alone let someone see that this is how they live - very depressing...Tarin and I are annoyed about all this, the kids don't care 'cause they have 1/2 an acre to run amok, ride their bikes and green-machines and see it as a bit of an adventure. Heck, our caravan is better than this is clean and has clean appliances and flooring...the list goes on...All I can say is "At least Masterton Homes is in the process of constructing our lovely home, NOW I really wish Mark (the Builder) would do what he can to get it done as quickly as humanly possible...the light is at the end of the tunnel...very dim, but it is there (or is it a train ;-)" (Mark has already given me his work he would do this for us anyway...)

Below is a pic of what we had to clean - NOT HAPPY! Don't even imagine what was under that rug which the owner wanted packed as it had 'sentimental value', not sure if he meant the rug or the filth had the value. It is not like this now, there is NO way we would ever move into this sort of filth, especially with the young 'uns.

Shame you can't see the detail of all this filth, well, no, it is probaly a good thing...

Another picture (and there are plenty more where this came from) - this is like a museum of cleaning products. Filthy house, plenty of stuff to clean it, but none ever used. See the pink item called 'No Vac' - well, they obviously took this product literally ;-) hahaha. There is even an empty beer bottle in there, weird!. The next product there is 'Scrub Buds', you can see how pristine this item is, never used, never opened, why did they have it?:

Well, off for another day of scrubbing and detailed cleaning - will post pics of the cleaned result...I am sure you will be amazed...

John & Tarin


Sha said...

That is disgusting.. I would not be moving in there and cleaning their mess!!

The Browns said...

Hmm, I was very close to moving all of our stuff back to our rental and speaking to the agent about staying. It is looking a lot better now, we have spent around 10-12 hours steam cleaning the carpets and the lounges, scrubbing the kitchen and the oven/griller. We have all the beds set up and have finally started to unpack our stuff. We have a mobile air con with purification and HEPA filter, this is working wonders.

Once the new home is done we will really appreciate it. Tarin and I already can't wait to get outta here.

Take care,
John & Tarin