Thursday, 23 July 2009

Well we met with our new site supervisor today. He seemed genuinely concerned regarding the build which was nice. He went through our list that we had sent him by email, and we chatted about things that was bothering him as well. We talked about the time line and due our rental position we have to be out on Wednesday the 29th so we have asked that he get the garage safe and secure so that when Wednesday comes we could move all the stuff in there and go and stay at the motor in. This is due to the last SS promising that it was all going to be done by last Friday. Mr L commented that he was sorry that we had been put through such a ordeal... Really we don't feel like that at all. Mark was a great guy but saying that may be working as a site supervisor just wasn't his forte. and we wish him all the best.

Mr L had asked us if we could do one thing for him. And that was if we could go in and sweep out the house. and tidy the place up. So we spent most of this afternoon sweeping and breathing in dust :D. But that didn't bother us as it gave us some time to spend some time in our beautiful house.

I am sure that what need to be done will be done and Mr L will do the best he can. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel even if it is just a pin head. I look forward to the first night we can shut the front door and call the place home.

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