Wednesday, 22 July 2009

We are home from Ikea!

We spent another day shopping till we dropped. A total of $4,000 on our beautiful furniture and Ikea goodies. Its a good thing Ikea is so far away, other wise i would probably be working sleeping and eating Ikea. LOL

We bought for the study, we bought a Billy bookcase in Brown Black combo with 2 of these glass doors

and this ladder;

And this desk;

and a black leather office chair which i cant find a pic of :(

for the dining room we got

This dining table

We also bought a canvas picture it is 200cm x 140 cm;

and this for our conservatory table;

And this light to shed some light on the situation LOL;

This is for our 13 yo daughters bed :D

and this light for her. she loves green :)

and for the boys we bought them one of these lights each

Joshy has the yellow, Kev has the blue and Tommy has taken the green.

for our bedroom conservatory we bought;

For me to spend quiet reading times.

and a bit of mood lighting

There is LOTS AND LOTS more but as you could imagine I am stuffed and we are going hit the sack. We have a meeting with our new site manager tomorrow will let you know how we go.

Nighty Night
T and J


Toni said...

Great shopping trip! I love that huge New York Canvas, everytime I go into Ikea I fight with myself about whether or not to buy it.

You'll love the Billy case. Love the lights and your daughters bed.

Hope you had fun!

kexkez said...

oh very nice choices. Most envious over your billy bookcases. these were the exact ones I wanted to get and the galant desk. :)

That print looks good too.

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