Wednesday, 1 July 2009

A post about nothing really!

Well nothing really happened at the house yesterday. The sparkie has been back and we have swiss cheese, the guy has gone around and nearly every area where there is to be a switch or power point and punched 2 holes through the gyprock, one of them has a marking around it saying 'patch'. How hard is it really???? It isn't like we changed the height or where the points are meant to be or anything.

We have also now got more scaffolding up because today we are getting the iron work put in, well half of it anyway. This is because the concreter hasn't been back to to the entry way stairs and the ground floor balcony yet. Yet another job half done :-(

Oh yeah, if any one sees our cornice installers could you PLEASE send them our way? They were meant to be here 3 weeks ago, and the painting can't start 'til the cornices are up. Also, our SS said that we were looking at 2 weeks for painting...

Then the people we are looking at going through for the blinds called me yesterday to inform me that we can't use the stripe blockout fabric :-( Grrrr I really liked that material...

Oh well that's the life of home builders :-( I don't see us being in, in three weeks unless some sort of miracle happens, where is my fairy god mother when I need her?

Taz and John

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