Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to IKEA we go!

I know, I know, we haven't provided an update for a few days. I thought we had better update you all on what has been happening.

Last Friday we found out that our SS had left Masterton. This has left us in a very tight position with under a week to go until handover. John has spoken to another person at Masterton regarding the position we are in and he has asked us to give him a little more time. He said that he needs to get things in order again. Therefore we are probably looking at another couple of weeks or so until hand over.

We are very disappointed that our SS has gone and we hope that he stays in touch with us. Saying that, we have to say that we really didn't see how we were going to be in the house by this weekend anyway. There is still so much to do from fixing the render and rendering the stairs, complete the tiling, plumbing, the fit off for all the extra electricals including speakers, duct vac, air con etc. There is just so much more to do...

Today we are off to Sydney for a trip to IKEA. We have our list, a tape mesure, our plan and John has the credit cards (I know 'case I checked :-P .

Anyhow must go...
John's tappin' his foot as we speak to get going hehehe

T and J

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stormygirl said...

Oooh! Ikea! Good luck Guy's, can't wait to see your purchases. We'll be doing the same soon too.

Sorry to read of your SS dramas, and I hope everything is fixed to your satisfaction. It won't be long, but I reckon this part (the finishing off) is the hardest. So close, but still too far away...