Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Sparkies, Chippies,and a lot more!

Today there was more action at the house. The chippies, Sparkies, roller door people, the fit off guy for the shelves in the cupboards. and the bob cat guys all came to visit it was so nice to have this action. this is what we expected months ago.

Our finished garage

A air con vent

Towel rack

Hand towel

The throne

our beautiful handles

the walk in ( unfinished)

The laundry cupboards

The smart robe

Site works

And... Site works

Our air con compressor

Our finished conservatory

the clothes line in the garage.

Things are finally happening its so exciting. If all goes well we should be in for my birthday :D that's the weekend of the 8th and 9th :-D

Well we will have more pics tomorrow
Taz & John


Annie said...

all I can say is "wow" looks great! Love the conservatory, bet you will get heaps of compliments for that one!

kexkez said...

Love the look of those round aircon vents. and like Annie I like the conservatory. that really makes a nice change from the flatness of many 2 storey houses I've seen. Looks like it will be a lovely place to sit and enjoy your yard.

John,Tarin and The Kids said...

Thanks gals.
Yes its a wonderful home :D and we cant wait to be in there

Anthony said...

Wow, the house looks amazing. You won't know what to do with yourselves in such a huge house, after being in a rental for over 12 months.

The kids are going to just love all being able to have their own room and space. This will be an fantastic house for your large family to grow up in...

Good luck with the move.

Kate, Anthony, Benjamin & Liam Hallett. Bristol UK