Thursday, 4 June 2009

We have walls

John and I are over the moon. Its finally happening :).

Today was the 1st day of walls going up in our beautiful house :). its today is the day we have waited for for soooooo long. I had a bit of a cry as i felt a weight was lifted as we are moving forward not staying where we have been for almost 2 weeks :-D

here are some pictures for the piggy's out there .

Screw...i mean Nail any one :P ( wonder if they will use all of these on our house)

The Cornice (sydney cove for bottom floor and Scotia cove for 2nd level)

The view from the rumpus :)

The view from ground floor to the up stairs sitting area

Rumpus looking in to laundry

This is from ground floor looking up to the main love shack and linen cupboard, Kevs room, main bathroom and loo.

The Main bedroom looking out to the foyer of the top of the stairs.

The study ( where john will have to work to pay the place off LOL)

Standing in the rumus looking towards the powder room and formal dining.

The beautiful roof (box sections)

I have sooooo many other pictures i will have more tomrrow. TGIF hey :)

Oh before i go i just wanted to say HOW PROUD John and I are of Tommy (twin 2) he took his scout vowels on Wednesday night :).

Well its all happening now we have 10 weeks to go wonder if we will be in in 10 weeks?

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Robin said...

Congratulations on the walls!! Now you can actually "see" what your rooms look like! I can't wait to see the finished product!

Congratulations to your son! He is a real cutie-pie!


Robin :o)