Monday, 8 June 2009

Day 3 of Gyprocking...

Yep it's the Queens Birthday but that doesn't mean a thing to the 6 gyprockers that are rocking their way through our beautiful house. It's unbelievable, the plasterers are there today, it's Monday! and its a Holiday! :-). We checked out a couple of houses that we are almost up to and saw they have had their kitchens in and figure that it won't be long 'til our kitchen will be in...Yippppeeeee. It's all very exciting. Anyhow, gotta go we will have more pictures later on :-)

The Browns

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southies said...

How lucky are you??!! Tradies working on a p/holiday ?? Never heard of that one! Great for you though. Bring on the kitchen - dying to see what your selections will show.