Friday, 5 June 2009

Day 2 of being plastered

Today was a very productive day, the plasterer's got all the walls and ceiling's done and got about 40% of the taping done. We are very impressed at their work and whenever we go in we are in aww by the way they work.

here are some pictures of today's progress.

This is taken from formal lounge in to stair well and picture window

Same area looking in to the study (front door to the right)

My Kitchen

The conservatory down stairs (kitchen to the left)

The rumpus looking in to stair well and laundry

Taken from the conservatory looking to the front door rumpus on the
left and kitchen on the right

The Laundry

Unfortunately we ran out of light so i didn't get a heap more pics. But as John was leaving the guy who will be doing the cornice came and told John that he would be back Thursday next week to put it all on :). it wont be long till we will prob be locked out :(

finally we are moving forward its wonderful

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