Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Kitchen, Architraves and tiles

Today our Beautiful kitchen was brought to our house. I LOVE, LOVE ,LOVE it. I was able to get a few pics but tomorrow hopefully i will get the full POW of it. :).

and just to add to the excitement our tiles were delivered and the tilers have started but i was unable to get pics of the tiles that have been laied :(. but i did get a picture of just the box of tiles :)

And last but not least the Blocks to go around the baths :)

Today it hit that we will have our beautiful, Majestic house. I cant believe that within 5 weeks we will be moving in and we will have a place we can call our own. all the colours that we have spent hours over are all comming togeather to make it one

T and J


Howie Ly said...

Just started following your blog.. lovely house!

John,Tarin and The Kids said...

thank you Howie :)welcome abooard