Sunday, 27 September 2009

We will be keeping cool in the pool this summer

Our beautiful Narellan pool will be starting to get installed on the 6th of october. Smack bang through the school holidays. The Kids are super excited.

It is called the Madeira and the colour we are using is Bermuda blue. Just like the one here in this picture.

We will have pics as soon as we get our reg net access back. as our 13 yo got a new i pod and used our monthly allowance in under 3 days. Oh the fun of having teenagers LOL

Oh and our wall man is here too doing the retaining walls for the front gardens :). I cant wait i have decided i would love to have a cherry blossom a few smelly roses and a hedge of lavender for the top garden. and for the bottom garden i will prob do a bed of natives :) and bush rock.

any ways more in a few days
Taz and John

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