Sunday, 4 October 2009

Retaining Wall #1 and Spoilt Brat Kids Get 2 x TVs...

Hi Everyone,
Below are some latest pics of what's been happening at the Brown Mansion.

BELOW: 2 x new Panasonic TVs - one for xbox and one for Wii.

BELOW: Tom & Kevan hard at play.

BELOW: The new retaining wall.

BELOW: The corner brickwork - so neat!

BELOW: The new wall from the front.

That's it for now. The pool is expected to start this coming Wednesday, so keep an eye out for more action pics.

See ya...
The Browns.


Annie@A View On Design said...

"hard at play" - I love it!

Do you have a post on your driveway - we were thinking of getting that crazy paving concrete spray on isn't it? How much was it? I was thinking a sandstone colour... not sure, love your thoughts on the driveway...

John,Tarin and The Kids said...

Hi Annie,

You can get this as spray on(if you have existing concrete, however ours was part of the slab pour - basically, they pour the slab, then lay out the stencil, sprinkle on the colour and then the grippy surface stuff. Looks easy to me :-) but I am sure it isn't.
The pattern we used was Flagstone (in Gunmetal Grey) with a Paver border (in Burgundy). This also included the high-pressure cleaning followed by sealing (to give a sheen).
The cost was $83 per sq metre because there were 2 colours and a border. Our driveway cost us $22,000.
The reason we went darker was due to the tyre marks and dirt you will get on the driveway. I would go with Sandstone (or light colours) on other areas such as paths, around the pool,etc but I wouldn't recommend it for the driveway.
Hope this helps a bit, Annie..
John & Tarin

Richard said...

now I can see the utility of that!