Thursday, 3 September 2009

In Awe of our beautiful blinds...

Tonight the inside of our house became finished.

We had the rest of our panel glides installed and I have to say they look Beautiful. Yes Yes the eye candy follows :-D

The meals

The dining room

The family room

The hallway

And the front door

The kids games room

The formal lounge (quite empty at the moment)

A close up of our blinds

The Study

And of cause i got one shelf for my prize possessions :P See!

the stairwell

Top of stairs

The main Bedroom (Lights out)

Lights on :)

Miss Kalindas Bed

So it's all exciting. Tomorrow our first part of our driveway will be laid as long as there is no rain (finger crossed). Oh and the pool has gone to council. We should hear something in about 3 weeks :-)

Taz and John


southies said...

Your blinds are absolutely beautiful!!! What a gorgeous weave. It adds another dimension to your house - well chosen!!!

kexkez said...

Oh wow. I love the colour contrast with your walls. Your house looks fabulous. Puts us to shame and we've been in almost 2 months and haven't got as set up as you have. House is really looking good. well done.

netadelle said...

I love love love everybit of your house. I love the stairwell, and the blinds look amazing. I'm totally envious of your study bookcase. Where did you get the ladder from that attaches to it? I love the Harry Potter and twilight books all set up :) I can't wait to get mine out of storage so I can read them all again. Not that I will have that much time decorating the house!

John,Tarin and The Kids said...

Hi Netadelle,
Thanks for your comments. The ladder is from Ikea and its called Inreda and it cost $49. it also dose 2 heights. It just adds that wow to the book cases