Friday, 11 September 2009

More Driveway Photos - Looking Good...

Driveway work continued today. Good weather allowed the team to complete a large slab and a smaller area behind the garages.

BELOW: Today's work is the darker part:

BELOW: The parking bays to the right (to be done soon):

BELOW: The entry consists of 2 colours:

BELOW: Showing the start of the 'border paver':

BELOW: Could the A380 park here?:

BELOW: Today's work, stencil removed 1 hour ago:

BELOW: Today's slab in the foreground:

BELOW: Path at the side of the garages:

BELOW: Today's work is the dark bit (stencil still in):

That's it for now...
John & Tarin.


southies said...

Impressive work - looks great!

Annie said...

oh this looks fantastic, and we are getting that spray on stuff too, who did you use? pricey??? I think we got a quote for $50sqm??? I love your choice of design, I might copy it!

John,Tarin and The Kids said...

Hi Annie,
We are so happy with the work. It will eventually be high-pressure washed and then sealed which will give it a 'wet' look (can't wait for this bit).
Also, the method we have used is not sprayed on, it is all done as part of the concrete pour. They lay a stencil and spread the colour and grippy stuff over the top, then remove the stencil a day or so later.
As far as costs go, this way costs us $83 per square metre (including the concrete, steel mesh, excavation, drainage, the stencil and 2 colours (the main colour and the border colour). Plain concrete would have cost us $60 per sq metre, but the stenciling adds that WOW factor.
We are extremely happy with the work, but I expect we will cry when we get the bill, which is estimated at around $24,000 at present (we keep adding extra concrete ;-)
John & Tarin

netadelle said...

I love the way it is looking so far! Looks great! I cant wait to see how it looks all sealed and shiny.