Thursday, 2 April 2009

BRICKIES - Missing in Action...

We have lost the brickies. If you see 3 brickies hanging around please send them back to our place...we are so close yet so far away. We only have the balcony to go and a few of our window sills and it will be over (the bricking). I was talking to our SS and he said that we have to wait at least 5 days 'til the mortar sets and then he can get the brick cleaner in to do the cleaning of the bricks. Once this is done then the renderers will be in to render the facade,then the roof can go on after that. Our cheeky SS said if we are lucky we will be in by Christmas hahahahaha

Anyhow here are some pics we have taken around the place.

Below: Window in to the study

Below: The front door area finally done

Below: The bricks that are waiting to be placed on the balcony

Below: The sliding door outside of the meals area

Below: The windows that were broken are back and ready to be put back in

Below: The conservatory...great brickwork

Below: The breathtaking view of the back of the house

We are wondering where things will go from here...we don't think the brickies will be back this week. We were on a good run for a while there...

One last pic, another sunset...

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