Sunday, 2 August 2009

Will be be in by next weekend?

That is the question... I doubt it very much there are still so many unfinished jobs around the house. For example we still have gyprock that needs to be sanded and repaired, the front stairs need the railing, gas,electricity, water needs to be connected, the slab for out side the laundry needs to be formed and laid, Site works need to be done, Sentel alarms need to come in and they have a couple of days worth of work to install the duct vac, alarm, speakers through out house,

The thing is we have given our landlord notice and he has been very kind to allow us to extend the time we have over stayed. But this Friday the 7th is the last chance as he has people waiting to move in and im sure they are getting very peed off at us swapping and changing our dates. We are hoping that things move pretty quickley this week

We are all just ITCHING now to get into our own home. We have been on this journey for 2 years and am pretty sick of living in a 2 beddie house with ikea boxes around us. We are just so over the whole situation now.

We have to say that we are pretty impressed at the way Mr L has been conducting every thing and if we didn't have the rain the last week we would have probably been almost done.

Of cause once Mr L allows us to have the house we now have to wait for the idiot bank cause they want up to 5 working days to inspect it. Pretty stupid cause the most we are borrowing is less than what the land value is LOL.

So the race is on. John was told by the tradies that they have been told that the place need to be finished by Friday but there is still so much more to go.

Taz and John

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