Thursday, 6 August 2009

Banks been

Yep the bank has been for the final inspection. I am stuffed tonight its been one hell of a HUGE day. We received our Oven, dishwasher, range hood and cook top.a

Our water tanks came and were installed but we had to turn the water off because we have a leak in the laundry out of our washing machine tap Grrr. We were quite excited to have flushing loos even if it was for a few hours :)

Another busy day planned for tomorrow. The cleaner will be in to start cleaning, the sparkies are coming back to put our fans in, scaffolding will come down, Site clean, and a few other things.

We are overwhelmed that the place has come from walls to being ready.

we are all most at the end of the road. If all goes well we should have our keys by Wednesday

We will have pics tomrrow if our net connection will allow it :)

Good night :D

Taz & John

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Toni said...

Well I have been really slack witht he blogs of late, just not enough hours in the day. I've just read through from your Ikea trip and caught up with everything. Loved all the photos.

House is looking amazing! Everything looks lovely and hopefully this weekend or next week it will be all yours. You've had a tough time over the past few months but you are nearly there.

Hope things go well for handover and that you enjoy moving all those goodies in.

Have fun and enjoy!