Sunday, 9 August 2009

The waiting is KILLING us

Well the bank came on Thursday and gave us the ok for the loan to go through. So now we are just waiting for the money to be paid :) its so exciting. Masterton still have a bit to do. The council guy came on Friday and wouldn't issue a interim cert... This is because of those 7 steps at the front we knew that that was going to let us down! so John has got on to Mr L about this situation. I mean really its not our fault that the land was cut like that which caused the 7 steps. So its up to Masterton to deal with it... and before Friday.

Monday- We have Sentinal alarms coming to install all the electrical goodies such as the vac, our music hub, alarm, ect, Tiler, and Painter.

Tuesday- The brickies back to brick up the steps out the laundry door. Hopefully the bank has paid Masterton

Wednesday- Sparkies for the fans, HOPEFULLY starting to move some stuff in :)

Thursday - Concrete (for pad and stairs ) for laundry, Austar being installed

Friday - Carpet

Weekend- spend our first night in the house YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Any way more as it pops up on the agenda its just all the fiddlie bits that need to be finished we were at the peek and now comming down the mountian.

Later gator
Taz and John

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Annie said...

ah yes, so close you can taste it!!! I don't envy you, we will all be there soon enough!