Sunday, 17 May 2009

The Plan for this week (I hope so, anyway)...

Hi everyone,
The plan for this week is:
Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday:
  • Sentinal Alarms to arrive and install security system, intercom system, home music distribution system, surround sound wiring, and ducted vacuum pipework.
  • Sparkie to return and finish Level 1 electrical and external light points.
  • Harvey Norman Air Conditioning - install the ActronAir ductwork and the condensing unit.
  • Deliver bricks required for the external staircase (7 stairs).
  • Deliver roof tiles to complete the tiling (and re-lay the area that was laid poorly).
  • Install Wall & Ceiling Insulation.
  • Deliver the Gyprock and get ready to sheet the joint the following week (hopefully).

That's it for now, hope all goes according to plan - fingers crossed PLEASE ;-)

BELOW: is an interesting BEFORE and AFTER (work in progress):

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