Monday, 25 May 2009

Monday's Update...ACTION, ACTION, ACTION

There was a fair amount of action at the house today. The roof tilers returned and the chippies turned up and to start work on the Conservatory.

Tomorrow, the brickies will arrive (we hope) to start the front staircase and fix some brickwork. The concretors are scheduled to arrive on Thu/Fri to form-up and pour the Ground Floor balcony slab and the outside staircase. The Insulation company is booked in for Friday and the Gyprocking should happen from Monday.

Photo 1: Fibrous Cement (FC) sheeting added over the top of the flashing. This FC sheeting will be painted the same colour as the rendering (this is above the Portico).
Photo 2: FC sheeting on the garage.
Photo 3: The ceilings of the Ground Floor and the Level 1 balconies have been completed.
Photo 4: The work on the Conservatory has commenced.

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