Monday, 30 June 2008

On Our Way To Yass Valley Council.


Last Friday we drove to see Bob and Renaye (Masterton Goulburn) and we signed the plans and all papers to be able to send our plans and paperwork off to Masterton's head office. So, now we are almost back to the point where Beechwood Homes shafted us.

Based on our calculations, in less than 3 months our beautiful new house should start - we are soooo excited :-). We also went looking at houses that built with the bricks we have chosen. Now that we have seen them we are really impressed and really love the colour of them.

John bought a new printer last week and we now have pics of the new house everywhere in our rental house, our lounge room wall has a wall full of pics of the display house - he cracks me up LOL...

Huggles to all...
The Browns

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