Sunday, 6 July 2008

Masterton Is Onto It - They Have Swung Into Action...

Today, I received a call from Wendy (Masterton Head Office). Wendy is now working with us and keeping us updated. I haven't met Wendy, but she sounds cool.

Wendy was ringing to give me an update on the plans and where we were up to.

They have received our plans from Goulburn, they are making some minor changes to the tender (at our request) and then in few weeks or so we should be off to council...

Can't wait until this happens, getting closer by the day.

We have logged onto Pathway as well (the Masteron package for customers to track the entire process of building a home) - it is an amazing tool, I have never seen anything like it. You can veiw it at (take the Pathway demo link).

Take care all...
John n Taz

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