Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Well the new year has arrived.

And its a busy one all ready.

The kids are off till the end of the month and with the heat we have had the pool has been getting a great work out. its been wonderful. The kids have slept till 8 or 9 most mornings.

Well as we approach the school year kalinda will begin high. she is really looking forward to it. Kev will be in year 5 and the twin in year 3.

Kevan will start 4 day of training for gym come next week. The coach is really pleased with him and kevan is really enjoying it too.

As for the house we have received the blocks for the back retaining wall almost 5 grands worth. John and i will start them this coming friday. i cant wait till all this is done so i can start to get some plants and all in there.

Any ways we will have more pics and stuff by the end of the week.

hope you all had a merry christmas and 2010 is good to you all

Taz, John and the Kids

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Katrina Chambers said...

I am going to enjoy reading your blog as I work for a building company and just built my own house. I have saved you to my fav's!