Sunday, 28 December 2008

Packing to Move (into another temporary house)...

We originally thought that the next time we packed and moved would be the move into our great new Masterton Mansion.

We are in the process of packing up and moving to another old house here in Yass. This one we will be house-sitting in and just have to pay for our own expenses.

The house isn't any bigger, but we are doing it as a favour for a friend who doesn't want their house empty, plus we can have our caravan and box trailer with us (instead of storing at friends houses) and the kids can play around and ride their bikes on the 1/2 acre block. At the rental house we are in now the kids can't play much outside due to the main and very steep road out front.

We will lose internet access for a short while whilst Telstra does the relocation across to the new [Very OLD] place thus you may be relieved of blog updates for a while.

Hurry up Mark, build our house so we can get out of the old dumps we have occupied for so long already! ;-)

This is the house we will be house sitting at:

Front View:

Back View:

Happy New Year...

John & Tarin.

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